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Karu’s UNP leadership claim not official yet: Ruwan

2 years ago

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[caption id="attachment_18277" align="alignleft" width="300"] Former UNP MP, Ruwan Wijewardene[/caption] An official claim for UNP leadership by Karu Jayasuriya has not been received yet apart from what has been circulated in the media, according to Former UNP MP, Ruwan Wijewardene. “UNP as a party still has not received an official claim by Karu Jayasuriya, it has only reached us through media statements. The official claim will be issued today (25) at a UNP leadership meeting,” commented Wijewardene. When asked about his personal stance on the leadership claim, Wijewardene stated, “Karu Jayasuriya has done many notable services to the country. I personally have no issues against his claim.” Yesterday (24), Jayasuriya issued a special statement that he is prepared to take over the party leadership and that he has informed the UNP leadership and party seniors of his decision. According to the former Speaker, given the current state of confusion and careful consideration of requests made to him by many parties, he has stated his ability to take on the challenge of leading the UNP for the betterment of the party and the country.

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