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TRCSL to introduce Mobile number portability

2 years ago

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By Skandha Gunasekara The Telecommunications Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka (TRCSL) is to introduce mobile number portability to allow customers to retain their numbers while changing service providers. TRCSL Director General Oshada Senanayake said that service providers had agreed to the move. “The toughest part was getting the consent of all the mobile service providers. Discussions were fruitful and now we can work on the technical aspects of introducing this new facility.” He said it would still take another year for the facility to be available for consumers. “Now we have to sort out the technical side. This should take around six to 12 months, but we are going at it aggressively to have it available as soon as possible.” Senanayake explained that once this new facility was made available, customers would be able to switch service providers while keeping their mobile numbers. “Customers won’t have to change their numbers each time they change their service provider. Sri Lanka is far behind with this technology. Most other countries introduced this facility years ago.”

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