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VIASL survey on imported vehicles completed, data release shortly: VIASL 

2 years ago

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By Maheesha Mudugamuwa The results of the survey conducted on the total number of imported vehicles available in Sri Lanka at present would be made public soon by the Vehicle Importers Association of Sri Lanka (VIASL), its Secretary Arosh Rodrigo told The Morning. “We have already completed the survey and are now finalising the data collected. Hopefully, we will make the survey results public today (28),” he said. The Government imposed a complete ban on motor vehicles since March 2020, citing foreign currency outflows as the main reason. This measure was strictly imposed, and even those vehicles with already established Letters of Credit (LCs) are not permitted into the country. Rodrigo stressed that there was a huge community of vehicle importers, from large scale to sole trader level, and stated that vehicle importers provide various employment opportunities. “As there is a ban on motor vehicle imports, vehicle importers as well as related service providers have faced severe difficulties maintaining their business premises and in paying the salaries of their employees,” he shared. Local manufacturing and assembling, however, is not the solution to the issues detailed above. The VIASL strongly believes that this process does not add any value to the country’s economy and is merely designed for tax evasion and higher profit margins. “We urge the Government to come up with a fixed plan detailing exact dates when the complete motor vehicle importation ban will be lifted. Until such time, imports should be allowed for vehicles with already established LCs, as our members have committed to purchasing those units,” he stressed. 

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