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No price hike in bakery goods

3 years ago

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By Skandha Gunasekara The prices of bakery goods would not be increased, The Morning learnt. All Island Bakery Owners’ Association (AIBOA) President N.K. Jayawardana said that they would not increase the prices of bakery items as suggested earlier. “The prices of ingredients needed for the production of baked goods increased in the last few months, especially the price of eggs. But now the egg prices have reduced and therefore we can maintian the current prices of bakery items,” he said. Earlier last week, the association warned that the prices of bakery items would be increased by Rs. 5 if a solution was not found. “We can’t afford to continue with such high prices in the ingredients. Prices would need to be increased by Rs. 5 on all items except for bread.” But following a meeting with Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa last Friday (11), along with the All Island Egg Producers’ Association (AIEPA), it had been proposed that an agreement would be entered into between the two groups for a fixed lower price on eggs. However, no agreement was reached during yesterday’s (15) meeting between the AIBOA and the AIEPA at the Consumer Affairs Authority (CAA). “The AIEPA proposed a cut price of Rs. 16.50 per egg solely for the AIBOA. However, within the last few days, the price of eggs has reduced to around Rs. 15.50. Therefore, we decided to postpone signing the agreement by a month,” Jayawardana said. Meanwhile, AIEPA President Sarath Ratnayake told The Morning that talks had broken down. “The Head of the AIBOA came along with the Junior Treasurer and General Secretary to sign the agreement, but they arrived and told us that the other bakery owners had said that they can get eggs for a cheaper price than Rs. 16.50, and that they don’t want to sigh the agreement. It’s not like we want to force them to sign it,” Ratnayake said.

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