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BIA services halted till Q1 2021

2 years ago

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Bandaranaike International Aiport (BIA) services have been temporarily halted until the first quarter (Q1) of 2021 due to the potential growth in the COVID-19 pandemic, Minister of Tourism Prasanna Ranatunge told the Morning today (02). “As WHO reports have predicted worsening of the pandemic owing to the winter season, we have temporarily halted the immigration of tourists until the first quarter of 2021,” he further stated. However, the Minister said that if clearance is given by the Ministry of Health or the COVID-19 committee, the government is ready to reopen the airport for tourists earlier. Meanwhile, the Minister stated there will be no change in the systematic migration of locals living in foreign countries to Sri Lanka. “They will be taken to quarantine centres throughout these months irrespective of the situation of tourists,” he said.