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Sizzling adventures with Nickizzle

2 years ago

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By Mahika Panditha   Happy Sunday and happy October everyone! It is a new month, a new chapter. Let’s start our month off with this amazing individual, Nicky De Silva (@nickizzle). She is known for her amazing travel content, but due to the Covid-19 pandemic, she is currently collaborating with local brands and travelling in the country itself. She has a passion for fashion and we can definitely see that in her absolutely gorgeous style! She loves looking, trying, buying, and making new clothes and styles. Aside from that, of course, travel and cooking are also in her list of passions. We spoke to Nicky about what her goals are for the future. She wants to “become the Brand Ambassador for my lovely motherland Sri Lanka as a travel and lifestyle blogger, while exploring different parts of the world. Also, a very long-term personal goal would be to make my brand Nickizzle into a very trendy fashion line for all the fashionistas out there, and opening up a small boutique store”. We are so excited to see her grow and cannot wait to see everything she is going to do. Before I say too much, let’s dive right in!   Tell us a little bit about yourself. I started my blog in 2015, first as a hobby. I had travelling parents, so I got to travel around here and there, and when I was 14, we moved to England to settle down, where I was inspired to start blogging. It started off as a simple travel and fashion journal, which over the years grew into something much bigger and influential. Hence, I had an English accent for a while, which gradually faded after I moved back home to Sri Lanka to begin my journey as Nickizzle, both as the brand and myself on social media. I have two kids – sorry pugs whom I treat like kids – and I absolutely love spending time with them.   What inspired you to get into content creation? People loved the way I dressed, what I did, where I travelled to, and what I ate, and I loved all that too. I especially loved leaving traces behind, such as pictures, for my own memories. That sort of got incorporated into my content. Simply put, the things I love doing inspired me into get into content creation.   What’s been your favourite memory working so far? Well, there are tonnes of good memories out there, but to pick one...I really enjoyed my trip to Singapore as the Brand Ambassador for the Viber platform. Not only was it a great opportunity to represent Sri Lanka, but I also travelled with one of my best friends, Natalie, where we got some free time to travel and explore the country.   What would you say to young and wishful content creators? Humbly speaking, although I have plenty to learn myself as a content creator, I plead to them to create content based on the things they love the most, while also following the trends. Everyone has their own style and branding, so you need to have your own unique content; while you can refer to already existing content, try and do better or upgrade it to your own thing. While doing so, be patient – your time will come one day where people will start to recognise your content. The worst you will face is a closed door, which means another will open!   You also have your own brand. How did that come about? Fashion was really my thing since I was a kid. I loved to dress up in many different ways, consistently looking for different styles and combinations. This led me to acquiring knowledge as a designer naturally through experience and my utter love towards fashion. So I never received any formal education in design; I just began my career fuelled with my passion, trying everything out for the first time. It was difficult in the beginning, and I am still on the learning curve of becoming a better entrepreneur and brand.   Do you have any advice for hopeful entrepreneurs? Becoming an entrepreneur is very easy, but becoming a successful one is very difficult. I am yet to become one, but humbly speaking, as an amateur entrepreneur, I think the first and biggest step is to just start, and learn as it progresses. If it is something you love, then you will definitely get to give it your best shot!   You also travel frequently. What is your favourite place to go and why? When I travel around Sri Lanka, my go-to places are any locations near the beach. I like to get tan and surf, while I also look for any new adventures nearby.    How has Covid-19 changed things for you? I believe everyone around the world is going through a difficult time. For me, it was pretty much the same in terms of content. As I always do, I was posting content related to my daily life at home. This led me to learn new recipes, languages, etc. and develop new hobbies. It sort of triggered my creativity with the limitation at home, but I managed to work things around it so that my platform was not paused.   Where do you hope to see yourself and your platform in the next five years? I would like to continue building my platform as a catalyst to happiness in life. I want more people to see that although life can be tough and hard, there’s also happiness and hope. I would love for my platform to be a positivity recharge centre, with me travelling here and there, spreading happiness!   Cover Photo Dilip Kumar for Waves of Glory

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