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Exec. public servants to work to rule

Exec. public servants to work to rule

17 May 2024 | BY Sumudu Chamara

To express opposition to the delay in providing solutions to public sector executive officers’ issues, including addressing salary anomalies, as part of their ongoing trade union action, the Joint Committee of Government Executive Officers has made a decision to commence a work to rule trade union action.

According to the Joint Committee, this trade union action receives the support of more than 18,000 executive officers representing 18 sectors pertaining to agriculture, engineering, veterinary, science, surveying, technical education, accountancy, postal services, inland revenue, education administration, and labourers, among others.

The Joint Committee’s President H.A.L. Udayasiri told The Daily Morning that even though public sector executive officers have been expressing their opposition to the delay in providing solutions to their issues for some time, so far, the relevant authorities have not taken satisfactory steps. He added that under the work to rule trade union action, executive officers will refrain from performing any additional duties, especially those that require them to work outside ordinary working hours.

On 2 and 3 May, public sector executive officers withdrew from work citing the authorities’ failure to respond positively to their concerns despite various discussions regarding the same. Earlier, they warned that due to their trade union action, activities in the public sector, including ministries, departments, and Divisional and District Secretariats, will come to a halt. In addition, they have withdrawn from District and Divisional Coordination Committee activities.

As per the Joint Committee, public sector executive level officials have not received proper salary and allowance hikes since 2016.

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