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Usage of shopping bags threatens environment

Usage of shopping bags threatens environment

18 May 2023 | Kavitha Makumbura

44 million shopping shopping bag are being used per day in Sri Lanka, and it is a massive threat to the environment, said the Director of the Solid Waste Management Unit of the Central Environmental Authority, Sarojini Jayasekara.

Sources have revealed that nearly 4 shopping bags per customer are being used everyday.

Jayasekara noted that 11 million customers go for shopping daily and that each customer uses nearly 3 or 4 shopping bags.

She stated that the disposal of shopping bags is harmful for the environment and that regulations would be imposed if the public won't control the usage of shopping bags, which would result in the inability to use them even during an emergency.

Therefore, Jayasekara urged the public to reduce the excessive usage of shopping bags and to use other eco friendly bags instead.

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