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SLA denies sending soldiers to Russia

SLA denies sending soldiers to Russia

31 Mar 2024 | – By Pamodi Waravita

  • No deployment agreement with Russian Army
  • Recruiting Lankans for foreign wars illegal: SLBFE

There is no agreement between the Sri Lanka Army (SLA) and the Russian Army to send Sri Lankan soldiers to serve in Russia, according to the SLA.

SLA Spokesperson Maj. Gen. K.A.N. Rasika Kumara told The Sunday Morning that there was no agreement between the SLA and the Russian Army. 

Foreign media reported last week that a nine-year veteran of the SLA had died serving on the Russian frontlines. 

In December 2023, it was reported that three former members of the SLA including a captain had been killed while serving in the Ukrainian Army. 

“The Army is not involved in this. The ones who left the Army may have gone on a personal basis. No soldiers who are currently serving have gone,” said Maj. Gen. Kumara. 

According to foreign media reports, hundreds of Sri Lankans are currently serving in the Russian Army.

The Sunday Morning learns that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is aware of this situation and is attempting to help those who require consular assistance. 

An official at the Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment (SLBFE) said that recruiting Sri Lankan nationals to fight in the wars of other countries was illegal and agents who were currently doing so were operating without the approval of the SLBFE.

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