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Wiggy cries foul over Ranil’s ‘broken’ promises

Wiggy cries foul over Ranil’s ‘broken’ promises

03 Nov 2023 | BY Buddhika Samaraweera

Claiming that none of the promises made by President and National Policies Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe with regard to the Tamil community has been fulfilled, the Thamil Makkal Thesiya Kuttani Leader and Jaffna District Parliamentarian C.V. Wigneswaran said that they are “extremely disappointed” in the former’s behaviour.

President Wickremesinghe had been pledging in recent times to resolve the issues faced by the Tamil community, particularly in the Northern and Eastern Provinces, and the estate sector workers.

Speaking to The Daily Morning yesterday (2), Wigneswaran said that none of the promises made by the President had been fulfilled, and nor is there any apparent preparation to do so. “We are extremely heartbroken by the way that things have been going on. Simply put, we are extremely disappointed in his behaviour. We did not expect this from someone like Wickremesinghe.”

He also charged that Wickremesinghe may have made a series of promises to the Tamil community with the intention of securing the Tamil people’s votes in the upcoming Presidential Election. “He must one way or the other win the next Presidential Election. So, he may have thought that he would be able to say something and get the Tamil votes, but, I am wondering how the Tamil people are going to vote for him.”

The frequent issues that the Northern people face include the occupation of their lands by the military forces and State Departments, and the non-implementation of the 13th Amendment to the Constitution in full. President Wickremesinghe in recent times had a series of discussions with several MPs including Wigneswaran who represent the Tamil community to discuss the resolution of the issues, and said that he would make sure that the 13th Amendment would be implemented in full, but a significant solution to their issues is yet to be provided.

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