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TUs And Professionals

TUs And Professionals

14 Nov 2023 | By Sumudu Chamara

‘Govt. has not responded to our tax concerns’ : FUTA

Federation of University Teachers’ Associations (FUTA) Media Spokesperson Charudaththa Illangasinghe 

“Considerable attention has been paid to education reforms. We, as university teachers, have been discussing tax-related concerns for about a year. The Government has not responded to that concern through this Budget. We might have to take certain actions in this regard in the future, perhaps as a broader group that includes other parties as well.”

‘Entire public service deceived’: CTU Gen. Secy. Stalin 

Ceylon Teachers’ Union (CTU) General Secretary Joseph Stalin

“This is a Budget that has deceived the entire public service. Public sector employees expected a Rs. 20,000 pay hike. However, what happened was reducing their salary by 2%, i.e. employees’ contribution to the Widows’ and Widowers’ and Orphans’ Pension scheme, which was at 6%, has been increased to 8%. They say that the Rs. 10,000 allowance is to be paid in three instalments and that such can be expected only from April onwards. However, employees’ contributions will be deducted from 1 January 2024. 

“This is a Budget that has completely neglected the service rendered by teachers and principals. We launched a massive struggle asking that teachers’ and principals’ salary anomalies be resolved. But not a single word was spoken about removing those anomalies. Education Minister attorney Dr. Susil Premajayantha claimed that Rs. 46 billion was to be allocated for the education sector. But not a red cent has been allocated to remove salary anomalies.”

‘Santa Claus has come’: NTUC’s Lal Kantha

National Trade Union Centre (NTUC) Chairman K.D. Lal Kantha

“When we were listening to the Budget, we felt as if Santa Claus had come, because what happened was giving a little something to everyone. A Budget with depth was not presented. The solutions that the Budget is seeking to provide should be commensurate with the crisis that the country is facing. However, we did not see such maturity and depth in the Budget. This Budget is the same as many that came before. There is nothing new in it, and that is the issue. 

“We were particularly concerned about securing a Rs. 20,000 pay rise, resolving the estate sector workers’ salary issue, and also gaining solutions for pension-related issues faced by pensioners including an existing pension anomaly. We did not expect the Government to present an entirely good Budget, as we did not think we could expect such a thing. Overall, the Budget has nothing of importance, and it does not look into soaring inflation, reviving and developing industries, and increasing the people’s income.”

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