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Upgrading air freight booking: SriLankan Cargo partners with CargoAi

Upgrading air freight booking: SriLankan Cargo partners with CargoAi

17 May 2024

SriLankan Cargo, the cargo arm of SriLankan Airlines, has partnered with CargoAi, a leader in digital freight solutions, to simplify and enhance its airfreight booking and payment processes to bring more transparency and velocity for users than ever.

SriLankan Airlines Head of Cargo Chaminda Perera commenting on the joint venture said:“Our partnership with CargoAi marks another significant stride in our digitalisation journey, aimed at expanding our horizons. We will be able to enhance the visibility of our inventory and offer customers a convenient airfreight booking experience.  We are looking forward to extending our market reach and engaging with businesses of all scales with CargoAi.”

The integration of SriLankan Cargo’s air freight services into CargoAi’s ecosystem gives users access to online booking and instant cross-border payment capabilities, while allowing SriLankan Cargo to increase its reach and support forwarders that were previously untapped.

CargoAi CEO Matt Petot also expressing his excitement about the partnership stated: ,“Our collaboration with SriLankan Cargo marks a significant milestone in our mission to revolutionise the air cargo industry. By leveraging technology to streamline processes and enhance user experience, we are paving the way for a more efficient and sustainable future in airfreight logistics.”

CargoAi’s integration with SriLankan Cargo also streamlines payment processes by offering multiple payment methods, ranging from local transfers to credit card payments, removing the reliance on cash payments and enhancing security and efficiency in financial transactions. Additionally, CargoAi’s CargoWALLET platform facilitates the reconciliation process, automating tasks that were previously manual and time-consuming. 

For freight forwarders, the integration also means that they no longer need to provide a bank guarantee or pay yearly subscriptions. Everything is seamlessly integrated with CargoMART, simplifying operations and reducing overhead costs, allowing forwarders to focus on core business operations without the burden of administrative complexities.

This partnership underscores the commitment of both SriLankan Cargo and CargoAi in driving innovation and delivering unparalleled value to their customers. Together, they are reshaping the airfreight landscape and setting new standards for efficiency, reliability, and customer satisfaction.

SriLankan Cargo, the cargo arm of Sri Lanka’s National Carrier, SriLankan Airlines, has been expanding its services rapidly, using Colombo as the logical gateway in Asia, to link the fast-growing economies of the South Asia with the Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, the Far East and Australia. Currently, it provides seamless connectivity to a global network of 37 destinations in 21 countries. Together with its airline and logistics partners, SriLankan Cargo serves over 200 destinations worldwide.

SriLankan Cargo operates out of its hub at the Bandaranaike International Airport in Colombo, with handling capabilities for temperature-controlled cargo (three temperature ranges) such as pharmaceuticals and other temperature sensitive shipments. It is equipped with a live animal holding area for pets and other live animals; a radioactive room for radioactive commodities, and a vault to secure valuable cargo such as gems, jewellery and gold bars. As a leader in service excellence, SriLankan Cargo has been recognised at many global forums and its latest accolade includes “Best international cargo airline for the year 2023” at the India Cargo Awards 2023. 

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