Ask a teen!




Many teenagers go through different phases in their lives, some feeling strongly about certain topics and issues and some feeling indifferent towards them. As teenagers, we face many challenges. Nevertheless, we are able to overcome them. I asked a few random teenagers about their lives, what they like and dislike, and how they manage to get by on a day-to-day basis. Here are the questions and their responses to them:

1)            What bothers you the most?

2)            What have been the highlights of your day so far?

3)            How do you manage to get by with the stresses of being a teenager?

4)            What are your struggles?

5)            What makes you really happy?


1) What bothers me the most at the moment is probably ignorance because I’ve had many interactions recently where people would refuse to be open-minded and were unapologetic about being bigoted.

2) My cat came home in the morning and yelled at everyone. I was also able to wake up at 5.30 a.m. today for school! And then, I had a really good breakfast; it was just toast and banana bread, but nevertheless it was pretty good.

3) Honestly, therapy really works for me. It’s a great coping mechanism.

4) I guess school and keeping up with schoolwork whilst simultaneously balancing my mental health with that.

5) Hanging out with my cat and my boyfriend!


1) Ignorance because it shows the injustice and wrongful stuff of the world. People who are ignorant allow the world to take two steps back.

2) Honestly, hanging out with my friends and relaxing because school is extremely stressful and you need a break sometimes, you know?

3) It’s difficult. Talking to people, knowing when it’s time for you to stop studying, but also you need to do the work at the same time. It’s this weird balancing of stuff.

4) Going into a culture (Sri Lanka) that I didn’t fully understand because you have to understand their choices and beliefs and the way they do stuff.

5) Sometimes that’s a hard thing to choose, but hanging out with the people you love, knowing that they love you back.


1)Not being heard because it frustrates me when people don’t listen to certain things I say which are important to me; it makes me feel like my feelings are invalid. It also frustrates me when people are disrespectful.

2)You coming up to me and asking me these questions!

3)Honestly, making a checklist of all the things I have to do in a day. I sleep better when I’ve finished all the things I was supposed to do that day.

4)Dating. I struggle being in a long-distance relationship, but it’s worth it. I also struggle with overthinking.

5)Talking to my boyfriend and spending time with my baby brother.


1) The fact that the planet is dying and nobody cares. The fact that people are too concerned about making money.

2)Honestly, nothing much has happened to me. It’s only 9 a.m.!

3)I try to do things which are stress-relieving like watching TV or going for a walk. It’s good to take breaks to manage your stress.

4)I struggle with anxiety and it’s hard to get out of my head sometimes, as well as stress.

5)Spending time with my friends and talking to my nieces!



1) Misinformation. How easy it is to say something on the internet and have everyone believe it.

2)Just catching up with my friends.

3)Just drowning myself in music. Gyming as well! Actually, and a lot of gaming.

4)I guess as we grow up, taking on the responsibility of being an adult. Exams, university, and choosing your line of work.

5)Going out for a drive by myself, because it’s just some alone time and I like driving – cars are my thing – so it’s doing something I like.


1) Knowing that we don’t actually have that much time. My future feels like a countdown.

2)Catching up with my friends and talking to them.

3)A lot of gym!

4)So far, I guess keeping up with the stress load of life in general.

5)Hanging out with my close friends!


1) Not being able to have a conversation with somebody who is knowledgeable on the topic of conversation.

2)So far, running 4 km in the morning, which I do every day.

3)Sometimes I find it best to take a step back and look at problems in retrospect.

4)I would say staying updated with current politics because I find it hard to balance time with schoolwork and being updated.

5)Seeing a question on an exam which I know the answer to!