Assisting the new generation to build a strong foundation

Modern Learning Studio (MLS), founded by Yasmin Mubarak, an educational psychologist, has a vision of changing traditional teacher-centred learning from being solely academic to a student-centred teaching method that focuses on a child’s individual strengths and weaknesses. MLS strove to shift the focus to the development of kids’ 21st-Century skills which was foreign and mostly unheard of. These skills are what one requires to succeed in the 21st Century; vital skills one needs to build on, in addition to their academics. 

MLS started providing children training in these skills, such as public speaking, communication, growth mindset, critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity, at their Summer Camps with a variety of hands-on brain stimulating and physical activities which gave plenty of opportunities for the kids to learn and engage. With the aim of imparting their modern 21st-Century skills-building mindset, they have conducted more than 100 free workshops islandwide during the past five years since its inception.

Currently coping up with the Covid-19 pandemic, MLS has taken a huge step forward in building its own unique platform, Leamojo, for kids to follow their one-on-one reading, English, math, and science programmes, virtually.

Furthermore, as per the demand from parents, MLS now provides public speaking and communication skills group classes to diverse students around the globe using its online platform. The online virtual programmes have helped students from Oman, Dubai, Qatar, the Maldives, and India pursue their studies without any hassle despite this pandemic. Moreover, overseas parents are also immensely satisfied at the quality and effort put in. Furthermore, by joining the Leamojo community, parents and kids can log in to their platform and enjoy unlimited access to learning material and resources. Leamojo, their virtual school and another of MLS’s programmes, is where kids receive academic support online. Along with one-to-one support from their personal coaches, students following any syllabus around the world can access their facility of school support. 

Whilst all this is in action, MLS, keeping the toddlers in mind, has also initiated the world’s first virtual early learning centre, “Mini me – Live”, conducted live with the goal of supporting home-schoolers and toddlers during the pandemic. This programme offers individual and personalised attention, and the aim of this programme is to instil the love for learning, exploring, and skill-building and incorporates interactive sessions, physical activities, creative skills development, and many more unique areas. 

MLS strongly believes that personalising education to suit every child’s learning style and need is the key to ensuring no child is left behind. Their skills and expertise come in where they exert these principles in a classroom setting. Since MLS’s inception, they have introduced various new programmes to keep up with the fast-changing world. 

The Summer Camp is one such example, where kids participate in a variety of activities ranging from flat-water rafting, mountain climbing, cooking, social skill-building activities, and more. MLS has partnered up with various local and international companies such as Dialog Axiata, WNS Global, and more for their projects as well. 

MLS believes the first steps of a child are the key foundation for his/her future. Keeping this in mind, MLS initiated Sri Lanka’s first student-centred early learning centre, where each child experiences optimum focus and is given individual attention. Unlike any other preschool, MLS provides one-on-one attention, thereby focusing activities and learning methods in accordance to the child’s learning capacity and capability. Every individual coach is trained with the aim of building progressive toddlers prepared to take on any challenge in their lives.