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Easwaran Rutnam is the Associate Editor of The Sunday Morning. He is a seasoned journalist with wide experience reporting on a range of topics, especially human rights and politics.

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Army trains mongoose to locate hidden explosives

By Lalith Perera The Army is training mongooses to locate hidden explosives, including mines. The training is being conducted at the Mattegoda Army camp and two animals have already completed their training. Major Supun Herath, who oversees the training, said that a mongoose, once trained properly, can detect hidden explosives more effectively[…]

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Indonesia says death toll from earthquake over 250

Indonesian authorities announced the figure of deaths caused by 7 magnitude earthquake in tourist island of Lombok own West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) province has reached 259 as of Thursday afternoon, feared to increase further as many were still trapped under the rubbles, coupled with unreported burials of the deaths. The[…]

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