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The Sunday Morning(TSM) Web Desk generates the most current, relevant, and exclusive local and international news for its readers.The Sunday Morning began its operations in August 2018, and in the brief period since its initiation, the reader base of the online platform and the publication is steadily growing.The Sunday Morning newspaper is headed by renowned Sri Lankan Journalist Mandana Abeywickrama.

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Mastering Mediocrity: Ask Zeeshan test

The fifth episode of Mastering Mediocrity premiered on 12 October 2020. This episode was quite distinct from the others as we conversed with our host, Zeeshan on different subjects such as his career, aspirations, and his take on the content creative industry of Sri Lanka. Zeeshan, being the enthusiastic individual[…]

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‘A bit of reality with fantasy makes you believe the rest’: A chat with ‘Game of Thrones’ storyboard artist William Simpson test

By Kavishna Wijesinghe Northern Irish comic and storyboard artist William Simpson started off working in comic anthologies such as Warrior and 2000 AD, and has drawn for comics like Batman, Judge Dredd, and Hellblazer for the last 15 years. His career as a movie storyboard artist took off by “mistake”,[…]

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