Ayurvedic treatment not for Covid, but for immunity 


  • Not specifically focused on Covid

  • Discussion today on collaboration with Western hospitals




Speaking to The Morning yesterday, State Ministry of Indegenous Medicine Promotion, Rural and Ayurvedic Hospitals Development, and Community Health Secretary Kumari Weerasekara said that the treatment would only include methods under the Ayurveda pharmacopeia.

“Our treatments will strengthen the immunity of the patient, but they would not specifically be a cure for Covid-19, as that type of treatment would need to be proven clinically. However, our treatments have no harmful effects, as they have been recommended as food supplements,” she said, when inquired about the nature of the treatment. 

Weerasekara added that such treatment is also followed in other hospitals, such as the consumption of Coriander (Koththamalli).

State Minister for Primary Healthcare, Epidemics and Covid disease control Dr. Sudarshini Fernandopulle yesterday granted permission for the Ayurveda General Hospital Rajagiriya and Ayurvedic hospital in Nawinna, Maharagama to treat Covid-19 patients. 

When asked about the controversial Covid-19 syrup touted by one Dhammika Bandara, which was proven to not be an effective cure for Covid-19 through clinical trials, she said that the particular syrup was not part of the Ayurvedic practice, and that they did not recommend it without any clinical trials. 

Weerasekara further said that she hopes to issue a statement to the public to not experiment with unfamiliar formulae and home remedies for Covid-19, as such formulae are widely circulated on social media.

Meanwhile, a discussion on how to proceed with treatment, the nature of patients admitted, and collaboration with allopathic (Western medicine) hospitals is to be held with health authorities today (3) in light of yesterday’s decision. 

Weerasekara said that a programme would be prepared in consultation with Western (allopathic) medical practitioners and hospitals on how to proceed with the treatment of Covid-19 patients in Ayurvedic hospitals. 

“Deaths are a rarity in Ayurvedic hospitals, because we do not admit patients in such critical condition, and we do not have Intensive Care Unit (ICU) facilities. So we need to come to an agreement with hospitals that practice Western medicine and maintain ICUs on transferring critical patients to them. We are having a discussion tomorrow on how to admit patients and what kind of patients to admit, how to admit them, and how to transfer them if they are in critical condition.” 

It is hoped that the plan would ensure that the treatment of Covid-19 patients is carried out collaboratively by Ayurvedic and Western hospitals.

Ayurvedic treatment not for Covid, but for immunity