Baking with Brouqs Cake 

By Venessa Anthony 


Zahara Usman, the creative soul behind Brouqs Cake on Instagram, has been baking for as long as she can remember. She has always enjoyed having her hands greased with butter and flour while concocting her next delicious surprise for her online bakery. 

Usman shared her inspiration behind her talent with The Morning Brunch: “I am fortunate to have inherited my mother’s talent in baking. She is absolutely skilled in making assorted sweets, desserts, and savouries for all kinds of occasions.” 

She told us that watching her mother just throw together a combination of ingredients to form some wonderful dishes that not only tasted exquisite but looked eye-catching too, instilled a passion for baking in her.

She began taking cake decorating classes after she discovered her calling for baking, and realised that she really liked it. “I gained a valuable new skill; I already knew how to bake, but these classes just elevated my decorating skills and made my cakes look phenomenal.

“I found baking to be very peaceful, a good form of therapy. As I progressed on my skill level, baking went from being a hobby to a business.”

She added: “If a cake tastes amazing and rocks your world, then no one cares if the baker has a qualification or not.”

Usman is a proud mother of three kids. Balancing kids and a job is not the easiest task, but she manages to stay strong and make it work. “Having three kids didn’t stop me. Instead, I spent more time baking on their birthdays and making coloured frosting.” Her family saw her creations at these functions and were blown away by how good they looked and tasted; they encouraged her to pursue her passion further and Usman told us that this boosted her confidence greatly. 

She named her husband as her greatest support and graciously thanked her family for pushing her to achieve all she has now. She worked up the courage and started up her very own home-based bakery. Thus, Brouqs Cake was born.  

Usman mentioned that she is truly grateful to be a part of the baking community: “It’s a pleasure to meet equally talented bakers out there.” 

Touching on the essential factors when running an online bakery, she explained her procedure: “Brouqs Cake is a platform to share all my baking adventures. I believe the most important thing after creating absolute delights, is capturing the perfect picture and creating the right content on your social platform for your followers. I love keeping my page attractive for those who are looking for bakers.” 

She added that she really enjoys coming up with new, creative, innovative ideas that keep her busy and baking.

Her favourite dish to bake, she said, is tres leches: “It’s so milky and awesome! I love how perfectly the sweetness of the milk blends with the soft cake.” She hopes to introduce more flavours in her tres leches in the future. 

She also came up with a delightful menu for Christmas this year. “We created double

chocolate gooey brownies shaped in little Christmas trees, because who is not a chocoholic, right?” she exclaimed. She also whipped up some divine cupcakes decorated with the cutest snowflakes that are bound to melt on your tongue. 

One may not be able to acquire these Christmas-themed goodies anymore, but she would be more than happy to make you a batch of her special gooey brownies and cupcakes on order! 

All her cakes are baked entirely from scratch, and she adds a lot of love and care into her creations. She caters to all occasions, including birthday parties, weddings, and other wonderful life events. 

“It gives me a feeling of satisfaction to know that my cakes were a part of someone’s once-in-a-lifetime event and helped make it a memorable experience.” 

She revealed that she plans to open up her very own cake shop with homemade products, all baked with the finest ingredients. “There will be a wide variety of cakes, desserts, and pastries to please all my customers, and all will be made with a range of products.” 


Instagram: @brouqs.cake