Baklava.bliss: Bringing a Middle Eastern dessert to Sri Lanka

We have the perfect out of the left field dessert for you this Christmas, if you want to spice up your Christmas feast and offer some exciting and different desserts, then we’ve got you covered with “baklava.bliss”.

As the name suggests, baklava.bliss is a place where you can get your baklava fix; baklava being the delicious layered pastry dessert made of filo pastry, filled with chopped nuts, and sweetened with syrup or sometimes honey. An incredibly popular Middle Eastern dessert, it is a delicate sweet pastry that is pretty ideal for the holidays.

Baklava.bliss Founder Marzooka Anis

Baklava.bliss Founder Marzooka Anis is a homemaker who decided this past August to really explore her passions and combine her love of family and how much she enjoys treating them to delicious food. The idea seemed to her as the perfect outlet to share her talents with the world as well.

Speaking to Marzooka, she shared that she would usually make desserts for her family whenever she would come across a good recipe, and interesting new desserts have always held a special place in this little tradition of hers. “My entire family has been crazy over baklava which my sister used to bring down from Bahrain and the last time we had it was around six years ago when my daughter brought some down from Dubai,” so she said it really felt like the perfect time to step up and do it herself.

She shared that her baklava is pretty much the traditional sweet pastry dessert, filled with a blend of nuts, and soaked with her signature syrup made with an infusion of spices. She said that the first time that she made it, preparing the dessert as she would have on any other day – especially for her daughter who is pregnant – everyone absolutely loved it. When her daughter posted some pictures on Instagram, in came the onslaught of questions about whether people could potentially buy it for themselves. “People started asking if we sell after my daughter posted pictures of it on Instagram and so I thought why not start doing it as a business.” 

Classic Baklava topped with pistachios

Cream Baklava

Assorted box of baklava

What’s special about Marzooka’s baklava is that she doesn’t use just one type of nuts for the filling, she uses a blend of four types of nuts and when you try her version, this is very evident and it really does elevate the flavour. She also shared that they make every single element for the baklava from scratch, absolutely nothing is store bought. Even the sheets for pastry are homemade.

The signature item at baklava.bliss is their Classic Baklava with pistachios as the topping, and Marzooka shared that the response for it has been amazing, claiming that they never quite expected so much love in such a short period of time, “And to be honest I must say it is overwhelming,” she added.

With no intention of further overwhelming the wonderful Marzooka, we have to share our own love for her baklava, because it was absolutely delicious, soft and delicate, and not overly sweet, it was a real treat!

Baklava.bliss being a relatively new initiative, she shared that they are currently exploring ideas on expanding the business, although she is staying away from the standard delivery services only because baklavas are best had when they are freshly baked, if not they tend to get a bit soggy. She also noted that baklavas are slightly expensive due to its more premium ingredients so they don’t want to add to the expense and make it too expensive for their customers to try it out.

If you wish to reach out and get your hands on some of Marzooka’s incredible Baklava, be sure to DM her page on Instagram. 

Instagram: baklava.bliss