Basil relaxes import regulations on chelated minerals and micronutrients

As per Gazette number 2238/45 of July 2021, Finance Minister Basil Rajapaksa has relaxed regulations on the import of chelated minerals and micronutrients for fertilisation purposes.

Accordingly, nitrogenous mineral or chemical fertilisers, phosphatic mineral or chemical fertilisers, potassic mineral or chemical fertilisers and mineral or chemical fertilisers containing a combination of fertilising elements have been included in this list.

This Gazette was published in order to regulate the importation of chelated minerals and micronutrients, which were previously banned. 

Meanwhile, the Imports and Exports Control Department has stated that commercial banks should not proceed with any payment in respect of the importation of items mentioned under regulation No. 3 of the Gazette without a valid ICL from 31 July.