Sunny Side Up: Basil’s advice to envoys

Minister of Finance Basil Rajapaksa recently held a meeting via Zoom with all Sri Lankan envoys serving in overseas missions.

During the meeting, the Finance Minister had questioned the foreign missions on the progress of programmes implemented by their respective missions that were utilising funds from the Sri Lankan Government.

It is learnt that many Sri Lankan missions overseas seek funds from the Government to implement various programmes.

However, when Rajapaksa had questioned the envoys about the utilisation of government funds and the progress of the respective programmes, most of the envoys and officials had not been in possession of the relevant details.

Rajapaksa had then explained that heads of foreign overseas missions serving in Sri Lanka were very proactive and worked to benefit their respective countries.

“Our missions should also look at such examples. Try to get something for Sri Lanka. At least help with Sri Lanka’s tourism programmes,” Rajapaksa had said.