Bastian Mw. shops: Demolished shops to be relocated

  • 46 shop spaces at Floating Market allotted

Traders of the temporary shops at Bastian Mawatha that were demolished by the Urban Development Authority (UDA) are to be allotted shop spaces at the refurbished Pettah Floating Market, it is learnt.

Speaking to The Morning, UDA Director General N.P.K. Ranaweera said: “When the Floating Market was first opened, these traders were allocated spaces to continue their trading activities. Due to various reasons, the last Government had moved them to Bastian Mawatha, building temporary structures. Although 95 shops were demolished, only 46 of them were active at the time when we served them the notice to evacuate.”

Ranaweera added that the shop spaces at the Floating Market will be ready for occupancy in January once the UDA completes the ongoing facelift of the facility.

Traders were given notice to remove their inventories from these shop premises last week and on Monday (21) night, the UDA demolished 95 shops that were located at Bastian Mawatha.

Several traders had expressed their displeasure over the weekend to provincial reporters whilst they were moving their inventories out of the shops, noting that they were not informed whether a new shop space would be allotted to them.