Be a Santa for the needy this Christmas!

We have heard a lot of stories about Santa Claus – a chubby, jolly, rosy-cheeked old man with a white beard. He flies through the air in his sleigh pulled by eight reindeer. He climbs down chimneys and leaves gifts for children. All of us have heard stories about Santa Claus whether or not we celebrate Christmas. According to the stories about him, Santa Claus lives at the North Pole with his wife, Mrs. Claus. Throughout the year Santa and his elves make toys for Christmas.

What do you think of becoming a Santa this Christmas? This doesn’t mean putting on a Santa suit, but practising his great qualities. Santa Claus is based on Saint Nicholas; a real person who lived in the AD 300s. People loved him because of his many acts of kindness and there are many stories about his kindness in gift-giving. He was known to be a kind person, who identified the true meaning of gift giving.

You know, everyone in the world faced a lot of difficulties during this year. Because of the Covid-19-related lockdowns and curfew, some people had to face, and are still facing a lot of financial hardship. There are many children and families around us who are unable to celebrate Christmas or New Year as they used to, with a lot of gifts, delicacies and celebrations. Maybe you are one of them. If so, be reasonable and don’t get upset if you don’t receive any fancy gifts this year.

This Christmas, be strong. If you can afford to help another person, don’t hesitate to do so. If you have something extra, make sure to share it with a person who is unable to afford many things this Christmas. Have a chat with your parents to see how you can make another person happy. Any small way you can help them will help to enhance the spirit of Christmas. Always remember that charity doesn’t mean giving away your old stuff to clean up your house.


This Christmas let’s try to help someone in need and spend the Christmas season meaningfully, like Santa Clause who helped the needy.