NiApreneurs to deliver business solutions with purpose and passion

NiApreneurs, a social enterprise with a difference, was launched last week in Colombo with the overarching objective of empowering communities through transformative collaborations with socially conscious business partners. With a business model aligned with the principles of sustainable development, NiApreneurs addresses pressing social, ecological, and economic challenges through a market-driven approach.

“We are setting a solid foundation for what is now globally considered as the future of business,” elaborated Co-Founder Nilani Seneviratne. “Around the world, social businesses not only tackle social and environmental challenges, but also address market failures across industries. There is much potential for fostering collaborative partnerships right here in Sri Lanka that can result in truly ‘triple bottom line’ businesses which seek profit as well as social impact and environmental sustainability. We are excited about the limitless prospects and impact NiApreneurs is ready to create.”

Both co-founders draw wisdom from their collective varied experience of over five decades as transformation advocates in both personal and business growth. With an illustrious career spanning in the banking and finance sector, Seneviratne is also a business and management consultant specialised in banking. Archana Law is a professionally certified executive performance coach, behavioural psychologist, talent consultant, and organisational development expert.

“Through this novel approach, NiApreneurs promises clients value-added learning and development opportunities by first understanding economic considerations and market dynamics that foster growth, develop capacity, and enhance productivity of businesses in a sustainable manner,” added Co-Founder Archana Law. “This enables NiApreneurs to assist communities address social and environmental challenges with vision and purpose, forming a powerful network of partners, collaborators, and communities striving for a better tomorrow.”

NiApreneurs supports their mission by conducting innovative capability building programmes, reskilling and upskilling the workforce to build a strong talent pool of skilled individuals readily available for opportunity employment. Small and medium-scale business entrepreneurs will also be engaged in skill building programmes, so that communities are equipped to transform through social innovation, sustainable business practices, and eco-friendly initiatives to improve their livelihoods and elevate living standards.

At the launch, University of Colombo Professor in English Neluka Silva shared the impact of ventures such as NiApreneurs on the academic world in inspiring and transforming the future workforce in our country. In an environment that is both challenging and vulnerable, NiApreneurs will be an ideal partner for businesses and corporates to collaborate with to deliver solutions, expressed Citibank Director/Head of Corporate and Investment Banking Kavinda De Zoysa. Sharing a different perspective, Colombo Fashion Week Founder Ajai Vir Singh spoke about the expanded scope of opportunities and key pillars that will form the basis of development. Taking a cue from showcasing fashion as a destination sensitive towards environment and social impact, NiApreneurs could make a definite contribution with its multipronged platform.

“This social enterprise comes at an opportune time in Sri Lanka where there is growing interest by investors, consumers, and policymakers,” stated visionary leader and sought-after start-up, SME, social enterprise, and leadership power play specialist Dr. Nirmal De Silva, now also guiding NiApreneurs as part of the company’s Advisory Board. “It is important that organisations focus on creating social impact in their day-to-day business. The NiApreneurs’ vision and operational philosophy is geared towards achieving just that. Whether it is enhancing the talent in an organisation, developing the next generation of entrepreneurs, or empowering youth and women across the country, NiApreneurs will definitely be creating positive social impact. The social enterprise ecosystem in the country definitely needs companies like NiApreneurs and I am indeed excited to see its entry into the local market.”

Among an interesting line up of programmes, the upcoming Leaders Think Tank scheduled on 10 July 2019 is the next event by NiApreneurs. Visit for more details.