Body of infant found in toilet of garment factory

The body of a female infant has been found in the toilet of a garment factory in the Niyangandara area in Pudaluoya, Sri Lanka Police told The Morning.

“The infant was found in the toilet of the garment factory. The mother had abandoned the infant at the factory toilet where she was working. The infant was found by the female toilet janitor yesterday, and she had immediately informed the Paduluoya police station along with the factory management. When the police had arrived, the infant was immediately rushed to the Paduluoya hospital, where she was pronounced dead,” Sri Lanka Police said.

The Morning was further informed that the coroner at the district hospital had confirmed that the child was born prematurely, and was about 7-8 months in gestational age.

It was also detailed that upon information received by workers at the factory, the 23 year old mother was arrested and is currently undergoing treatment for her premature delivery at the Nawalapitiya hospital.

“The mother is currently receiving treatment as the infant was born prematurely and the mother is still not physically fit, whereas the mother is under police custody and an investigation is underway to find out details of the incident,” Sri Lanka Police said.