Borella Church grenade incident pre-meditated by the authorities: Cardinal

Claiming that Minister of Public Security Sarath Weerasekera was not surprised by the All Saints church hand grenade incident, Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith said that the hand grenade incident was pre-meditated by the authorities.

He made this statement while speaking to the media yesterday (14).

“We have provided the required evidence to the authorities. At 9.52am, a man walks into the church with a plastic shopping bag and he is seen in the corner where the grenade was found, and was doing something. Just as he was there, another person goes to that corner and immediately the person who entered with the pastic bag leaves in a hurry. This whole scene was on the CCTV footage. We have given this information to the police, but they seem least bothered. From this we can understand that they have planted this grenade and trying make believe something else,” the Cardinal said.

He further said that Weerasekera must stop trying to distract the general public and try covering up the truth.

“We cannot believe that the minister will serve justice. He has tried to cover up the truth as well. From this we can see they are trying to make people believe their pre-meditated plan. The police, the Government and the Minister have not made a single effort to catch the perpetrators,” he added.

The Cardinal further requested the Government to initiate a “serious” probe, and in the case this does not happen, he said that this incident would have to be taken up in courts.

“The authorities must be thinking we are illiterates, and that we can be fooled. Sarath Weerasekera can go and tell his fabricated stories to the real fools and not to us,” he concluded.