Bring mudslingers to justice: Eran comments on Easter attacks allegations against him

While reiterating that the people have a right to know who is behind the Easter attacks, Samagi Jana Balawegaya MP Eran Wickramaratne responded to allegations levelled against him which claimed that he was involved in elements of the terror attack.

He made such statements during a recent media interview.

“The Criminal Investigations Department (CID) arrived at my residence saying that they had questions to ask me. I told them that they have an office where the questioning can be done, and told them that I would come to the CID to lodge my statement. This was in regards to the allegations I had made during a media brief that someone in the Government had released funds to Zahran Hashim’s wife. I then told the CID that as an Opposition MP I have the right to ask questions, whereas it is the duty of the CID to investigate and produce answers to the people,” stated Wickramaratne.

Wickramaratne went on to say that he had paid a visit to the CID to lodge his statement, but thereafter certain social media posts were circulated stating that he had “accepted paying Zahran Hashim’s wife”.

“I went back to the CID with Ranjith Madduma Bandara, and asked them why the media is stating that I had accepted allegations to pay Zahran Hashim’s wife, whereas I was the one who made the allegations. I wanted to know who had made this statement to the media, and if no one in the CID had made such a statement, the media involved should be questioned,” Wickramaratne said.

Additionally, Wickramaratne stated that the week after his statement was lodged at the CID, fake posts depicting his voice were also circulated widely on social media claiming that Wickramaratne had accepted fault of paying Zahran Hashim’s wife, which was proven false through a fact check.

“I lodged a statement once again after that. It is a very grave offence to circulate such false claims, and so I asked the CID to investigate the persons involved in creating such propaganda. I want to know who is making such claims and if so, the law must be practiced and they must be revealed. People who sling mud at people who are in search of the truth must be brought to justice,” remarked Wickramaratne.