Bringing nature, science, and heritage together

  • Heirloom rice-infused skincare solutions range ‘Vivya’ launched

“Vivya”, the first-ever Sri Lankan heirloom rice-infused skincare solutions range, launched recently at a virtual press conference held in the presence of Hemas Consumer Brands Managing Director Sriyan de Silva Wijeyeratne, Hemas Holdings CEO Kasturi Chellaraja Wilson, Sri Lanka Export Development Board (EDB) Chairman Suresh de Mel, and Hemas Consumer Brands Director – Business Development and Innovation Sabrina Esufally.

Developed entirely in Sri Lanka, Vivya is a breakthrough innovation of Hemas Consumer Brands. The Vivya range is a unique – if not an altogether revolutionary – cosmeceutical solution, as Vivya is the world’s first skincare range based on powerful ingredients of Sri Lankan heirloom rice that creates the coveted youthful radiance in women’s skin.

Hemas Holdings CEO Chellaraja Wilson informed us that the Vivya range consists of a day cream, facial serum, face wash, night cream, and cleanser. “The entire product range is infused with the highly moisturising, nourishing, and brightening properties carefully derived from nature, from Sri Lankan heirloom rice,” she explained, adding that these extractions from select Sri Lankan rice varieties are thereafter fortified through a unique technological process that results in the potent “Golden Trice Blend” found in Vivya.

The Vivya range has already won the hearts of skincare solution seekers in the Maldives and the UAE. The range’s arrival in the global market is the latest addition to the cosmetics product basket of Sri Lanka’s export sector.

Skincare solutions featuring local ingredients

Talking to us about how the brand was conceived, Hemas Consumer Brands Director – Business Development and Innovation Esufully explained that they noticed two unresolved problems in the market, one being that women who are looking to invest in care just could not find the right product for them due to the lack of options. She also observed that with lightning and fairness products saturating the market, women choose to neglect skincare rather than opting for these products.

The second unresolved issue is that the few skincare products with natural ingredients available in the market were not engineered to deliver visible skin benefits. “On the flip side, there was a host of chemically engineered products that gave quick results but were not good for the skin; so, consumers had to make this uncomfortable choice between safety and effectiveness,” she stated, adding that this is what motivated the introduction of Vivya.

She explained that they had been scouring for a high-performance natural ingredient that could deliver visible skin benefits. “Southeast Asian markets were far ahead of the trend and used their indigenous rice to elevate their proposition. Our R&D (research and development) teams took on the challenge to study these ancient grains and stumbled on a wondrous skincare ingredient that brought nature, science, and heritage together,” she said.

Speaking on this latest skincare product range, EDB Chairman de Mel commented: “We are excited about the newest venture of Hemas Consumer Brands. Modern-day skincare solutions inspired by Sri Lankan heritage ingredients are now available to global skincare markets. Such innovative products take our tiny island to the heart of the global skincare market. EDB wishes this Sri Lankan team of skincare trailblazers the best of luck.”

There are more than 1,500 varieties of heirloom rice in Sri Lanka, and many of them have been renowned not only for their higher nutritional properties, but also for their antioxidant powers that generate the coveted youthful radiance in the skin. These heirloom rice elements, which are now infused in Vivya, powers the care product range to revive dull and tired skin, restoring it to its pristine youthful radiance.

According to de Mel, consumers who tested the market-ready Vivya range reported that it showed visible improvements. During clinical tests, Vivya showed visible changes to key elements of skin’s radiance – the moisture level, brightness, and texture – in a matter of two weeks.

Empowering women

With this new range, Hemas aims to empower women and give them a wide variety of choices when it comes to skincare that works for their skin type. Esufally stated: “Sri Lankan women have few choices for their full breadth of skincare needs, as over 90% of the products in the market are aimed at skin lightening.”

The Vivya range by Hemas Consumer Brands changes this routine outlook. Vivya actively works on maintaining the beauty and diversity of the skins of women regardless of their age, skin colour, or pigmentation.

Esufally further explained that what is most important is that the power of valuable skincare elements extracted from Sri Lankan heirloom rice was not known globally until Vivya presented it.

Vivya is currently available at the Hemas Store.