Sky Fever 2018 – the only skydiving festival in Sri Lanka is back

Sky Fever 2018 will be held for the second time from 22 November to 3 December at the Koggala Airport, hosted by Sky Dive Sri Lanka and endorsed by the Tourist Board as a national event.

It’s a fiesta!

Sky Dive Lanka is the only company in South East Asia that is licensed and approved to provide Skydiving services.
Sky Fever was conducted in 2016 for a period of four days and was conducted by Paradise Nature Trails. The event was a great success and created a lot of buzz. And now, after two years, Sky Dive Sri Lanka is going to do it bigger and better.
The event is conducted in a carnival atmosphere with food stalls, kids’ corners and much more. This is a free entrance zone and everyone accompanying the divers is guaranteed to have a good time as well.

The diving will be conducted in the form of tandem dives. This is when you dive with an instructor stuck to your back. There will be three-tandem packs and two-tandem packs. The pack of three will include a third instructor to document the video of the experience. The divers can select the type of tandem and pay accordingly.

The Head of Sales and Marketing at Sky Dive Lanka Nina Silva stated: “This is an event purely meant for beginners and we have a team of excellent French instructors with about 30 years of combined experience.” Speaking of the aircrafts used, Nina said: “We will use two types of high-wing aircrafts; Airvan GA8 and/or the Cessna 206.”

Book your tickets soon

Besides the diving sessions and the carnival, an after-party will be conducted on 1 December at Amari Galle. This will be a free event for the divers, and outsiders will have to purchase a ticket for Rs. 2,000.
Tickets are priced at $ 450 with video, and $ 400 without video.
Bookings for the Sky Fever Fest can be made by calling 0770033320/0767716413 and by depositing the designated amount.
Advance payments or the full payment will be accepted, and payments can be made via credit or debit cards, bank transfers, and interest free payment plans with Sampath Bank and NDB Bank.
Diving sessions can be booked based on availability, and Sky Dive Sri Lanka officials are willing to extend further if the demand is high, so hurry up make your reservations soon!

When? 22 November to 3 December
Where? Koggala Airport


By Pujanee Galappaththi