Five moms and their wish for Sri Lanka this Mother’s Day

By Pavani Jayasinghe Munagamage

Today, May 12 marks yet another day to celebrate the tirelessly loving mothers all around the world. Leaving their handprint of affection everywhere they go, it is known that everywhere is made better with mothers who leave no stone unturned to give the best in whatever they do.
The Sunday Morning Brunch decided to talk to some moms on what they would want and wish for this Mother’s Day.
Deanna Ann Rizvi, first Vice President of Sri Lanka Housewives Association

“As a mother and most importantly as a Sri Lankan, I would just like to pray for all the mothers and children out there in our country. A child will find a way to survive without a father, but never without a mother. It is incredibly sad to think of all the children who might have lost their mothers, because a mother is honestly a treasure to every child. My wish would be for protection for mothers and children all around the world.”

Udheni Abeyratne, lawyer
“My wish is that we all would be able to live without fear and suspicion and feel safe when getting about the daily activities. And that we can think of the larger picture and not individual agendas to make this country the best it can be, leaving a great legacy for our future generations.”

Vraie Cally Balthazaar, media personality and entrepreneur
“As parents, we often think about the future of our children, but I think, now more than ever, we need to understand our role in the world we will create for them. In the last two weeks, I felt sadness and fear, but have chosen not to feel anger. I genuinely believe that every choice I make, as a parent, will now have to reflect the inclusivity, kindness, and love that I want for my children. For everyone’s children. Mother Lanka is grieving right now. We need to find ways to let her heal.”

Annika Fernando, Founder and Designer of PR

“The inventor of Mother’s Day spent the rest of her life trying to abolish it. It was initially a simple way to honour mothers and now conjures up images of commercialism overwrought with expectations. This Mother’s Day, I feel reflective. My heart bleeds for mothers who have lost children and adults who have lost a parent. I feel blessed and grateful for my family and our health. I feel passionate about our Mother Lanka and the caring, sharing, and repairing we need to do as a people.”

Chulpadmendra Kumarapathirana, Sri Lankan model and actress

“It was extremely sad to hear about all the children who had been scarred with burn wounds, and in fact, I went to see some of them. As mothers, I think we should take a step forward in giving more love. I think the main reason situations like this occur is due to the lack of love which should, in fact, be spreading around in the world. Maybe this Mother’s Day, my wish would be, instead of celebrating with flowers and lavish dinners, to see if we could all help in some small way, like donating medicine to hospitals or helping and giving back to our society. ”