DisrupTech: Planning your videos

Morning folks! Glad to see you’ve returned for another dose of me. In my previous rant, we went through the basics of planning your YouTube channel and also the first step of naming the channel.

In this week’s column, I thought I’ll delve into the three main types of content that you must plan and execute in order to sustain a healthy YouTube (YT) channel.

Although initially recommended by Google for brands, I have gathered, through my experience, that these can be equally applicable to individual creators.

Currently, IdeaHell has over 200 members operating over 150 channels and most are successful, earning good revenue from both YT monetisation and direct sponsors. (We will go into detail about monetisation next week). All successful channels have one thing in common; they have all mastered these three types of content.

1. Hub

This is your bread and butter. Hub content is what you tell your audience in your channel trailer: “Hey guys, I’m …… expect a new video from me every Thursday.” Hub content is regularly scheduled content. For example, if you are a travel vlogger, you will put out a new vlog every week. Hub content helps you increase your subscribers as your audience will know that if they watch one video of yours that they like, they can expect a new one every week. This will sustain viewership, subscriptions, and, in turn, your revenue. In your watch-time graph, hub content will generally take the form of a wave, peaks neither high nor valley low.

2. Hero

This is a tricky one. Hero content can never be planned fully but if you are creative, it is not impossible to execute. Hero content is highly viral content that generally ends up on the trending list of YouTube. This type of content sharply drives viewership, subs, and revenue. However, it is only for a brief period of time as a trending topic is only trending for that specific time. For example, though it was one of the most viral videos at that time, no one is talking about or watching the Red Bull Stratos space dive video now.

Hero content can be hit-or-miss, but by following the trends one can plan out a good hero video. If you have a Current Affairs YouTube channel, talking about the recent Thebuwana Police sergeant might end up making your video Hero content.

3. Hygiene

Hygiene, or educational content, is the third, and often forgotten, type of content. Many only focus on Hub and Hero and completely disregard this, to their loss. Educational content is evergreen content, which means that it will never become irrelevant. Though it will not drive viewership or revenue up suddenly, and will take the form of a flat line on your watch-time graph, it will perpetually generate views and revenue. For example ‘How to tie a tie’ is a video that will forever be watched on YouTube until ties go out of fashion. My recommendation to plan out hygiene content is to go through Google trends (, find out what Sri Lankans are searching for in your vertical, and make videos for those search terms. For example, if you are a guitarist, look at the search results of guitar riffs for specific songs Sri Lankans are searching for, and make videos for those songs.

Question of the week

Q: “Can I use popular songs as background music in my travel video and still monetise it?”
(Sent in by Ayodhya)
A: Unfortunately in most cases you cannot, unless the original artist has allowed it, which in most cases is a negative.
My advice is: There is a plethora of great royalty-free tracks online; just find something that fits the mood and use that. This way you will not end up getting a copyright-strike on YT and also you can monetise your travel video.

Catch you next time folks, and as always I can be reached on the following channels.

By Janeeth Rodrigo
Janeeth Rodrigo is the General Manager, Digital, of the Derana Media network. He is also the General Manager of IdeaHell, the first and only YouTube MCN and Creator Space in Sri Lanka.