Top model at the top of her game

To say Ana is a beauty and fashion icon is an understatement. Having started modelling four years ago in her birth country Venezuela where she took part in several beauty contests, her beauty has managed to shine through on a number of platforms.

In 2015 she won the Miss Elegance title at the Miss Venezuela contest and in 2017 she represented her country in Colombia placing third in the princess of the International Reign of Coffee.

A few months later she participated in the fashion TV models award 2017 which was based in Turkey and came in second.

She enjoys modelling and is well on her way to becoming an unmatchable force in the industry.

In addition to being a model, she is a qualified architect and enjoys learning about the different cultures and architecture when she visits other countries and makes sure to take beautiful pictures of these monuments.

Her advice regarding fashion and beauty doesn’t include expensive clothes and make-up; instead it comes down to three main points which everyone can follow.

1. Beauty comes from within

“For me just like every other girl of my age being fashionable is important, although I prefer to dress comfortable and very casual. Feeling beautiful from the inside is the key element for me,” she says and we couldn’t agree more.

2. Have clothes consisting of basic colours always with you

“Being a model and constantly travelling, I take a small number of clothes in my suitcase, but between my basic garments you should never miss pale or neutral coloured skirts and white/ black t-shirts; those are my favourite colours to wear and can be combined very well with different jackets of brighter colours or other accessories which make you stand out (a chunky chain or earrings). At times, I like to combine formal and casual wear together with a bit of basic makeup (do not go overboard a light touch of makeup would do) and hair fixed! (a simple top knot or messy bun is ideal in most cases)”

3. Break a sweat

The most important thing for me is to feel comfortable with myself! In order to keep fit, I work out at least four times a week I eat healthily and that’s the lifestyle I follow with a passion. It doesn’t have to be a strenuous workout but just enough to get your heart rate up and pumping.”

Photos © Ana Christina Dias