‘Don’t be scared to dream big’: Devini Nimalasiri

This week, we focus on the talented and beautiful Devini Nimalasiri, who is the Founder and proprietor of the successful “The Jewelry & Clothing Store” – an online store on Instagram which provides a huge variety of unique jewellery and clothing along with other unique products.
She credits her success to her wonderful parents and her colleague Ramith Jayasuriya – a young, successful entrepreneur – for the immense, indescribable motivation and support. A former student of Musaeus College and currently pursuing her higher studies in the stream of mathematics and economics at the University of London, she believes that uniqueness is the number one quality in order to stand out from the rest.

She strongly believes that the ability to do what you do with a lot of love, passion, commitment, and appreciation, as well as that extra little effort you make, will help you excel in any field you choose. “Most importantly, you need to stay true to yourself and don’t be scared to dream big,” she added.
She advises all youngsters to start with what you have, take more chances, and if you fail, to keep trying, as change only comes through challenges. She also believes that education isn’t the only important thing in life but it is the study you to do about yourself in order to understand and realise your abilities, talents, and strengths, and this has been a determining factor in starting her own business.
For her, fashion is a message and it has the ability to create your own identity, but fashion means nothing until someone lives in it. “We see different fashion trends pouring into the market, and clothing has been one such fashion trend followed by a vast number of people, especially the young crowd. I feel people today dress up well in order to look presentable to society, and to keep up with the changing times, many do upgrade their style according to the latest trends in the market.
“Personally speaking, I am a believer of simple living. Decent clothing that fits my body type, suits my personality, and is comfortable for me to feel confident enough, will always be my choice. And my biggest piece of advice to all is not to forget your own personality and the real person you are no matter what you do and where life takes you.
She shared with us her unique fashion tips and advice so that we might be able to keep up with the current fashion trends too.

7 fashion tips:
1. Quality over quantity: This is definitely my kind of theory. I would always prefer quality over quantity. Buy better, buy less. Aim for a wardrobe that is flexible. It can save your time in shopping as better quality products should last longer, and most of all, I feel it as an act of self-love, as you are worth spending a little extra on because you deserve to have the best things.
2. Style with accessories: Enrich your style and make it uniquely your own by accessorising. Accessories can make an outfit desirable and glamorous.
3. Develop your own signature style: I personally believe developing your own signature style is the best of all. You need to trust your instincts and wear what makes you feel like the best version of yourself.
4. Embrace your shape: Now this is something to really talk about. We’ve all found ourselves facing unnecessary pressure from society to look a certain way. Remember, this is your own body and you need to embrace your body with confidence so that you can live your life on your own terms. Have you caught yourself comparing your body to someone else’s? This behaviour is toxic and will breed more hate. Do not body-shame yourself. It’s hard to prevent negativity from ruining you, if you get used to these thoughts. So kick the negativity out for the good and replace these thoughts with something positive.
5. Emphasise your top features: I believe one of the main secrets of female attractiveness lies in the way a woman properly emphasises her body. So make sure to emphasise your top features all the way.
6.Show skin selectively: What I think about the skin exposed trend is that you can have fun with fashion. Indeed, you can wear styles that enhance or show some skin. Showing skin gives you the feminine power that you are beautiful and not afraid to flaunt it.
7. Don’t be afraid to break the fashion rules: No one really knows where the rules actually came from or who made them up. But we all know that we’re supposed to be following them. Fashion should be about wearing what you like and what makes you feel good, and that shouldn’t come with a set of guidelines.

Make sure you check her out and follow her on her Instagram page @thejewelryandclothingstore and DM her for any inquiries!