How to be a fashion icon in your everyday life

Ever felt confused or lost about your clothing style, and needed advice? Well, it takes more than just getting your hands on the hottest new trends according to 23 year old Dulasha Jayawardhana. Currently employed as a fashion designer at Kelly Felder, she had previously worked for Victoria’s Secrets at Brandix. She has won many accolades and has a Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion Designing. Rather than calling herself a designer, she prefers the term ‘an artist turned designer’.

Dulasha focuses on comfort, simplicity, trend and class, and not just the newest style. She says: “Self-identification plays a major role in fashion too, because what you wear on the outside will portray your personality to the world.”

Here are some exclusive tips from Dulasha to ensure that your fashion game is strong in your day-to-day life.

1. Identify yourself “in order to figure out your own signature style, and also to portray the right image to the outside world.”

2. Uniqueness: “I’m a bit of a tomboy when it comes to clothing. I mainly focus on quality, comfort, simplicity, class and trend. And I always manage to squeeze in the essence of my inner-kid into my clothing.”

3. Awareness of trends and newness: “As a designer, I surf through WGSN, and many other fashion forecasts. But if you’re not in the fashion industry, you can still help yourself out on trends by checking into fashion websites such as, Harper’s Bazaar, The Style Line, InStyle, Elle and Style. No matter how many trends that come out, choosing what suits you is the most important part.

4. Styling: “Style is something that you can control in an uncontrollable world. It is more important than the season’s latest trends. As I said earlier, it is very personal and it’s how you share your personal story with the world. I grab my style ideas through fashion websites and also celebrities such as Victoria Beckham, Cara Delavigne and Kendall Jenner. Following your favourite celebrity can also help towards improving your style.”

5. Comfort and simplicity: “Coco Chanel famously said: ‘Comfort is the keynote of all true elegance.’ Fashion and comfort go hand in hand. Simple pieces still can be seen as edgy, depending on how you style it up.

6. Leading a healthy and balanced lifestyle: “This makes life so much easier. After all, real beauty is not in makeup or clothing, it’s within you. In fact, self-maintenance is the key factor, and makeup and clothing can be the cherry on top. So I try to hit the gym at least five times a week and eat healthy most of the time because I don’t want to always depend on makeup, accessories or clothing to look good. I myself as a designer have nothing against makeup, but I don’t heavily wear or promote makeup. It’s absolutely unnecessary to try so hard if you feel confident about yourself.”

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By Archana Heenpella
Photos Dulasha Jayawardhana