What you need to know about slip skirts

This week we focus on finding that perfect skirt, and we take advice from Sachini Nathali Sarathsena who has her own brand EN;THALI which is a ready-to-wear line which includes made-to-measure garments. A former Visakhian, her childhood dream was a career in fashion and today she is a graduate from Mod’Art International Paris – Sri Lanka Branch with B.A. (Hons) in Fashion Design. She is also quite the multi-tasker and is a full-time lecturer, a freelance designer, a choreographer for fashion shows, an influencer with some local and international brands, a fashion writer, and a journalist.

She enjoys mixing fashion design with her love for architecture, interior-exterior, and industrial design, and is reflective of her style. So here’s her formulated four-step guide to finding a slip skirt you’ll wear again and again.

1. Waistband is key
The elasticated waistband is not as flattering for some of us as it could be. It might be okay when layered underneath a shirt or a blouse but when it comes to a tucked-in tee or skinny roll neck, the effect isn’t as polished. If you are looking to get that expensive and flattering finish, a proper waistband is needed.

2. Test the fabric for creases
For a polished expensive-looking sexier slip skirt, silk or satin fabrics are the best options, but these fabrics tend to crease very easily, which in turn ruins the shiny, flowy look you want from a slip skirt. If you are not that refined in fabrics and its’ compositions, it’s best for you to try sitting down, crossing your legs, or walking around to get a sense of how the fabric will fare in day-to-day life before you purchase it.

3. Choose a flattering length
It can be tricky to find a skirt that is flattering in fit and length unless you get it done from a designer or a good seamstress. Midi lengths are very much en vogue at the moment, and the chicest skirts feature hemlines that stop somewhere between the top of the calf and the ankle. A longer length might swamp the body while a shorter style might look odd with the slip’s body skimming fit (unless you’re going for a true ’90s vibe). Remember to choose your shoes accordingly as they can make or break your outfit.

4. Be mindful of colour
While neutral tones – such as brown, cream, and black – were in fashion earlier in the season, now, most trendsetters have brought in brighter colours onto the runway which include off-shades – such as burnt orange, powder blue, lime green, burgundy, and brown. Whatever you go for, just make sure the colour can easily be paired with other pieces in your wardrobe and that it goes with your personality; but if you are looking for a classic slip skirt, make sure you go with a neutral colour so that you can repeat it.

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By Nikita Gomez