Try These 3: Interesting things brewing at the Brew Bar

We recently visited the Brew Bar which was open for business in September. Brew Bar is an initiative of Helen and Asif, the two friends who have turned into business partners. This cute boutique cafe is situated in the premises of the Zen Boutique Hotel in Colombo 07, Rosmead Place.

Brew Bar specialises in bubble waffles and cheese tea, two totally new concepts in Sri Lanka. Helen and Asif were happy to explain that the snacks originated from Hong Kong, but have been adopted to tantalise the local taste buds.

There are cute quotes and ornaments decorating the space, providing the atmosphere of a chilled-out hangout spot. Though short, the menu looked very creative to us, so we decided to go ahead with the suggestions of the two friends.

Item 1: Cheese, pol sambol and sunny side up savoury waffle
This bubble waffle belongs to the savoury section of the menu. It came with a sunny side up egg and pol sambol on a cheese spread over a normal bubble waffle. The waffle was slightly spicy complementing the pol sambol with a touch of sweetness which came from the waffle. The bubble waffles are a tad different from the waffles we’re used to usually, because they have bubbles on them, which is very exciting if you likes to try out innovative food items. Even though we were told that bubble waffles are a snack, they could pass as a very fulfilling main course!

Item 2: The original bubble waffle
The original bubble waffle is a sweet waffle in the menu. This bubble waffle was chocolate flavoured and came with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, two biscuits of Oreo and a generous amount of Nutella on top and spread on the bubble waffle as well. I was advised to use my hands to enjoy this tasty treat. It was tasty and sweet at the same time. We highly recommend the sweet bubble waffles listed on the menu as great desserts to finish up a meal and could even pass as a main meal if you have a sweet tooth.

Item 3: Lychee cheese tea
We decided to go with a lychee flavoured cheese tea. We were very curious as to how this cheese tea would come, because we have never tried something like this before. It came with cheese foam on top which was slightly salty but cheesy. The rest of the drink tasted like the usual lychee iced tea that we get, but the sweetness of the drink was well balanced, giving a great experience to the drinker.

Opening hours: 11am – 7pm and Monday is their day-off
Address: 115, Rosmead Place, Colombo 07
Contact number: 011 2 686883

Our verdict
· Quality and the quantity of the food, service by the staff and the atmosphere of the cafe justifies the price
· A person can afford a hearty meal for just Rs. 1,000
· There is ample parking space, and washroom facilities
· Ideal place for a group of friends or a couple to enjoy a small chit chat over a drink and food
For a café which has just started off, they are doing quite an amazing job. Heartiest wishes go out to the management to keep up the good work.
Cheers to a good meal!

By Anjalika Abeykoon
Photos Indika Handuwala