Oktoberfest at Honey Beach Club

The Kingsbury Hotel set new standards to the Colombo Oktoberfest scene with their brand new Oktoberfest at Honey Beach Club. The event was initiated on 25 October.

Oktoberfest is a timely celebration generally commemorated globally in recognition of German culture and cuisine.
Coupled with a relaxed outdoor ambience at Honey Beach, the evening was pumped up with music from celebrated local DJs.

There was an extensive selection of German food including the Bavarian mixed grill platter with pork, chicken garlic sausages, pork chops and lamb shoulder chops, grilled chicken, grilled fish steak, baked potato with cheese, and German potato salad with bacon and grilled corn at a net price of Rs. 2,750 per person.

One of the key significances here is that they had an array of beverages to pick from, besides your regular options. The Oktoberfest at Honey Beach offered six types of beverages and three cocktails: the Frozen Lemonade, the Collins, and the Long Tower. Several mocktails and malt beverages were available for the non-drinkers. The ‘Benediktiner’ priced at Rs. 1,800 was the highlight among them.

Besides eating and drinking, several fun games were lined up. Although the bad weather prevented from these getting started on the opening night, the authorities were determined to deliver the best form of entertainment in the following sessions.

“We are different from other Oktoberfests, as we are offering a variety of beverages, and I believe that we can provide that ‘pool party’ feeling with the wonderful ambience at Honey Beach”, said the Beverage Development and Training Manager Keerthi Rewatha.



By Pujanee Galappaththi

Photos Saman Abesiriwardana