Deck the halls with tea at The t-Lounge by Dilmah

We tried the Christmas menu at the t-Lounge at the Arcade Independence Square…

Overall rating: 4/5
We tried the Christmas menu at the t-Lounge at the Arcade Independence Square. With a snug interior, now festively decorated with a bright Christmas tree, the t-Lounge at Arcade is a cosy little cafe, ideal for an evening date, or a relaxed brunch with the gang.

What we tried:
We tried their special Christmas menu or the “yuletide specials” put forward for the season. These specials will be available at all t-Lounge outlets located at Chatham Street, Arcade Independent Square, and Negombo beach.

The menu
Christmas cookies Rs. 150
This is an assortment of buttery sweet Christmas cookies, decorated in the joyful colours of Christmas. Soft and crunchy with the right amount of sugar and milk, these will instantly put you in the holiday mood and are ideal with a hot cup of Dilmah tea.

Christmas cake Rs. 400
This is a beautiful slice of traditional Christmas cake. With dried fruit, chopped nuts, and a blend of special spices, this is a yuletide heaven. It is a soft and fruity texture and the marzipan frosting is the perfect cherry-on-top to this wonderful dessert.

Red velvet pancake Rs. 550
This was one of the best choices out of this menu. Light, fluffy pancakes, there’s a delightful crunch when one bites into the slivers of toasted almonds mixed with whipped cream and berry-balsamic sauce – Christmas in your mouth!

Stollen bread, special chai Rs. 650
This was truly a magical treat. The bread was complete with cashews, orange peel, cherries, sultanas, and fairy dust. This was paired with Dilmah’s enchanted Christmas chai and was soft, fruity, and simply delicious.

Cupcakes Rs. 200
With a Christmas-tree-like frosting on top, the cupcakes get 10 points for presentation. The frosting was creamy and sufficiently sweet, although the cupcake itself was a little dry and lacked that soft texture.

Christmas ice cream Rs. 220
The Christmas ice cream was clearly Christmas in a bowl or in this case, Christmas on a waffle, as it was served with waffles. The presentation was quite impressive as it had a wintery look. The ice cream was topped with cherries, nuts, and dessert sauces, and was absolutely magical.

The peanut butter mochi Rs. 190
This was in fact the belle of the ball, with a creamy rice texture mixed with the melted peanut butter. Based on the delicious Japanese traditional rice cakes, this was a marvelous treat.
Would we go again?
Of course we will. We recommend t-Lounge for all of you sweet tooths and this is our go-to for some lovely Christmas dessert and a cup of tea.

Celebrate with tea
Commenting on the Christmas menu, the CEO of Dilmah Dilshan Fernando said: “Our Christmas menu marks the beginning of the season. The mochi is one of our unique additions this Christmas season as it is represents royalty and is ideally paired with tea. This is a very special Sri Lankan dessert and we will take it to the world.”
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By Pujanee Galappaththi

Photos: Krishan Kariyawasam