Healthy living at Life Food

Try these three!

As the New Year approaches, bringing with it all the resolutions, we decided to go healthy for the week and dropped in at the Life Food café; a three-storey building with comfortable seating and peaceful ambience, situated in Colombo 2. Life Food café is famous for the array of healthy food they present to their customers.
Life Food, founded by Tamara Raymond, was a small-scale business at the Good Market premises back in 2012. Life Food came into being as Tamara wanted a change in her lifestyle, and wanted to embrace her love for eating salads and act on inspiration she got from food around the globe.

Tamara wants to serve Life Food fans wholesome and nutritious food, which she has achieved, by adding a healthy spin to each and every dish at the café. They also have few vegan dishes in their collection.
Life Food houses a healthy drink “La Dalu” which comes in several flavours such as belimal, turmeric, and ginger and helps to burn acid, fats, and oils.

They also serve “Kangen Water” which has a specific pH value suitable for the body.
Though the menu is filled with healthy options, Life Food also serves desserts, which will definitely help with your cheat-day meal plans.

Private parties of small groups are welcome, and they also have a private room which holds up to 18 people.
Though we visited the café in the morning, it was buzzing with activity, clearly portraying the demand for healthy food in the market. Without further ado, we decided to try out few dishes off the extensive healthy menu presented to us.

Item 1: Lady Florentine
We started off at the “All Day Breakfast” section in the menu, as it was morning. Lady Florentine looked like a very petite lady, but boy, were we wrong! Lady Florentine is made up of eggs florentine on bread, or rather on soft brioche, with rich hollandaise on top of the eggs. What surprised us more were the sarana leaves cooked with garlic and the sautéed onions with mushrooms, which made Lady Florentine not so petite. It is a very filling and healthy breakfast if you are very hungry.



Item 2: Mexiole
We decided to move on to the “Hunger Busters” section and elected to go ahead with the Mexiole; a dish which comes with rice as its base. The rice was savoury, with coriander, and was accompanied with Mexican spiced chicken, fresh guacamole, tangy salsa, and a white and black bean mix. What added flavour to this healthy dish was the spicy tomato dressing which came on the side, making it healthy and tasty at the same time.

Item 3: Powerhouse
While turning the pages of the extensive menu at Life Food café, we came across the Powerhouse under the “Get Your Green On” section and decided to give the smoked salmon Powerhouse a go, since they had several protein options to go with this dish. This dish was equipped with lettuce and rocket, with green apple slices, beans, creamy avocado, bean sprouts, and black-eyed peas with pink smoked salmon in the middle, adding more protein to the already nutritionally rich meal. The salmon was the star and coupled with the sesame and sunflower dressing, tasted simply amazing. This is the perfect healthy meal if you are looking for a really low-carb meal, rich in proteins as well as in taste.




Bonus: Cappuccino
We were then served cappuccino. The coffee was strong and bitter and was needed to burn the small amount of calories we just consumed. The coffee art was excellently done, depicting Life Food’s excellent barista! It was the ideal strong brew we needed, after a filling meal, to wake up our lazy brains to write this article.

· Opening hours: 8 a.m.-10 p.m. on weekdays, and 9 a.m.-10 p.m. on weekends
· Address : 31, Perahera Mawatha, Colombo 02
· Contact number: 0117 225 433
· Quality and quantity of the food, service by the staff, and the atmosphere of the restaurant justifies the price
· A person can afford a hearty, filling meal with Rs. 2,000 in hand
· Washroom facilities and Wi-Fi are available

Life Food café has come a long, successful journey so far

Cheers to a good meal!


By Anjalika Abeykoon

Photos Krishan Kariyawasam