North Gate by Jetwing: Making Jaffna your home

Located close to the Jaffna train station is North Gate by Jetwing. The hotel stands out as one the best examples of Sri Lankan hospitality with comfortable rooms and traditional food and drinks on offer. Here are five reasons why North Gate by Jetwing makes you feel like making Jaffna your home.

1. Easy for the lazy holidaymaker
On entering the star-class hotel, North Gate by Jetwing greets you with the theme of the Jaffna station where seating boots depict those on trains, the insides of which are adorned with drawings from local artists – a way Jetwing pushes for growth within the communities.
The hotel is designed with a modern twist that combines the latest trends in hotels with facets of traditional Jaffna. From the staff in traditional dress to the rooms containing beautiful black and white pictures of Jaffna, the hotel strikes the right balance between its theme and what one would expect in a modern hotel.

2. Location, location, location
Jaffna has its tourist attractions consisting of countless Hindu temples similar to the famous Nallur Kandaswamy temple to kite surfing in Talaimannar, and the sands of the Casuarina Beach. A must-see site is the Chundikulam Bird Sanctuary which houses plenty of endemic birds, and a seasonal migration of flamingos. The Jaffna library is also a place of national significance.
Most attractions are driving distance from the hotel, some more than others, thereby making North Gate a go-to travel destination.

3. Convenient and versatile
Transportation needs can be met through the North Gate taxi service and local guides can be referenced by the hotel staff. The hotel itself has four suites housing traditional and modern furniture, four comfortable family rooms, 38 rooms in the deluxe category, an open kitchen restaurant, a pool with an outdoor lounging area, and a gym.
The banquet hall is available for weddings or business conferences, and for any parent who needs just a little “me time”, a baby-sitting service is made available too.
The restaurant, currently under Chef Kesava, produces traditional Jaffna food alongside a western cuisine.
The thali, dosai, and North Gate grilled chicken are signature dishes to try.

4. It only gets better
The future of Jaffna also looks exceptionally bright for North Gate as the KKS Harbor and the runway are said to be under construction soon, in addition to which, possible partnerships with Colombo bars such as Machan are also speculated.
North Gate can only become better with time. Under the capable hands of Christopher Ponnadurai, North Gate plans to introduce a traditionally prepared palmyrah toddy tasting experience with visits to see the workings of the palmyrah industry, organised by the hotel, later in February.
The interplay of Jetwing’s hospitality fused with Jaffna’s culture, in addition to easy access to the myriad of tourist sites makes North Gate a quality holiday destination in Jaffna.

5. Jetwing’s responsible sourcing
Jetwing adopts recycling methods and reuses water in their gardens after it’s treated. Alongside responsible waste disposal, they also make efforts to aid in the eradication of dengue and engage in similar work with the locals. Jetwing behaves responsibly, ensuring minimal environmental impact, and provides employment for locals.

To book your stay at North Gate by Jetwing, call 0114 709 400, e-mail, or log on to their website

By Chetan Perera

Photos Indika Handuwala