Newest pub on the block – The Exchange Pub & Restaurant

They took three things people love, drinks, apps and the Stock Exchange, and the result is mind-blowing. Situated on Canal Row (right opposite World Trade Centre), the place is unique and it is hard to miss.

What it is
Many attendees, including ourselves, were rather intrigued to know what lay behind the curtains. As the name suggests, it’s a pub with the unique concept – a reflection of the stock exchange. It’s a given that an ample amount of pubs exist today, but what sets this apart from your typical pub is that its customers are presented with the option of an app which they may download from either the App Store or Google Apps, which enables them to place orders (for drinks) and get their desired drink without having to be attended to by a waiter.

Just as we entered, we could see the display of rates which was typically of their drinks, with indicators to show price fluctuations; just what you’d expect to see at an exchange market. There are three compartments within the venue, the main area housing a balcony and a rooftop. The wooden floors and dim lighting are what you can expect at any pub; however, the graphical walls and the neon lit bar added its own essence to everything. The music brought everything together.

What they offer
Drinks aside, The Exchange Pub also offers a variety of food and mocktails. The food ranges from side dishes like spicy calamari rings (Rs.590), devilled chicken (Rs.740) to devilled pork (Rs. 740). The calamari had a good bite to it even though it lacked the spice. Their devilled chicken was redeeming, as it was quite flavoursome and had good texture with the bean sprouts bringing in that crunchy element. Additionally, they offer entrees such as cajun spice pork chop and garden salad (Rs.1190) and a pub favourite, the mixed grill (Rs. 1790). Their hot batter oyster mushroom and Sri Lankan spicy omelette is a good option for vegetarians. They’ve capitalised desserts (exactly what their menu reads!) with options of ice cream and fresh fruits (Rs. 300 each).

From the mocktails menu, we tried the melon cooler (Rs. 500) and the blue moon (Rs. 500). As refreshing as it was, we felt like the mint overpowered the entire drink. The blue moon, on the other hand, was a sweeter option, although it had a unique taste as it consisted of blue curacao.

All in all, the place had a great atmosphere and their staff was rather welcoming and helpful. The Exchange Pub & Restaurant caters to those usual occasions, whether it’s before a night out or just to hang out with friends and enjoy some good food and drinks.


Address: 39 4/1, Canal Row, Colombo 01
Instagram: @the_exchange_colombo
Facebook: The Exchange Pub & Restaurant

Photos: Krishan Kariyawasam