One Stage for All

In this season of love and sharing, the crew behind One Stage for All has something exciting up their sleeves planned out for 2 December with a purpose much bigger than the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life.

The event will be a day filled with fun activities and an opportunity for the general public to join hands to spend time with more than 500 children with Down Syndrome and Autism, and Give Life to a Life.

This event, the first of a series of events organised by Events by Tarafor the cause, is not only planned to raise awareness on Down Syndrome and Autism, but also to raise funds to build a central facility in Colombo for children affected by these conditions, where a proper registry can be maintained, along with a hostel and facilities to help in their treatment and medication.

And they need your help as volunteers and to spend time with these special children!

Bring your friends along and join One Stage for All on 02 December at the Royal-MAS Arena,to volunteer to take care of and spend time with these children on a full day filled with fun, a mini carnival, delicious food, DJ music, surprise flash mobs, Comic-Con moments, open mic events, and a chance to meet and greet many of your favourite Lankan super stars, and so much more.

Entrance to the event is just Rs. 500 per person (including all activities and food).
Children with autism and Down Syndrome walk in free along with one adult (parent/teacher).

Call 0771153506 for more information
Instagram: @onestage_official
Facebook: One Stage For All Official

Be a part of this great cause and join in the fun to make this event a success!

By Rovina Vandersay