Buddhasasana Ministry condemns use of secular “unwanted” music at Katina Pujas

The Ministry of Buddhasasana, Religious and Cultural affairs strongly condemns the use of secular unwanted music at Katina Pujas says Secretary to the Ministry Professor Kapila Gunawardana.

He made this statement while speaking exclusively to The Morning today (07).

“I have received many calls in the last couple of days from monks all over the island asking us why we are silent when such secular music is played at katina pujas. We are a Buddhist nation, people come to Sri Lanka for religious purposes too, and here people are playing secular unwanted music at religious pujas. This is not acceptable at all,” said Prof. Gunawardana.

When further inquired about videos that have been circulating on social media with the song “Menike mage hithe” by Yohani, played at Katina Puja’s and Buddhist temples, Prof. Gunawardana said he was highly taken aback.

“I was shocked to see it myself. People called me and asked if this is even real. Some people have changed the lyrics to suit the religion. I have seen even Muslims and Christians are using this song. That is their problem, but as a Buddhist nation and the Buddhasasana, we are against such music being played at religious ceremonies. Do we not have enough of bakthi geetha and religious music in Sri Lanka?,” said the Professor.