Amarapura and Ramanna Nikayas oppose 20th Amendment

The 20th Amendment to the Constitution is a hindrance to the public’s way of life and will move society back into an uncivilized nation, stated the Head of Justice of the Ramanna Nikaya Venerable Prof. Aththange Rathnapala Nahimi today (12) as the two Buddhist Nikayas reached an understanding to oppose 20A.

“The 20th Amendment promotes a dictatorship and will destroy the democracy established in the country. It is our responsibility as the clergy to prevent that. Therefore, all the Amarapura Nikaya and the Ramanna Nikaya gathered today and reached a decision to oppose the 20th Amendment,” he further stated.

The Sangha Sabha pointed out that the amendment undermines the system of checks and balances that maintains equilibrium between the executive, legislature, and judiciary.

The council said that the 19th amendment is not a “regressive reform” as claimed by the government, despite certain technical shortcomings as pointed out by experts.

It said that the new draft amendment affects the independent mechanism for elections, judicial independence, and the right of the people to seek justice while paving the way for fraud and corruption.

“The country needs a new constitution,” the Sangha Sabha stated, urging that the amendment must not be passed in Parliament.