Burglary gone wrong: Gang member beaten to death

A suspected underworld gang member who had attempted to rob a house in the Mulleriyawa area has reportedly been beaten to death by residents in the area.

Police said that the deceased is a close associate of the infamous underworld figure Dineth Melan Mabula alias ‘Uru Juwa’.

The incident had occurred last night (31) when two unidentified men had arrived at a residence located on Chandrika Mawatha in Mulleriyawa, where illicit liquor was being sold.

The two suspects had reportedly threatened the residents of the house demanding that they hand over all their cash and gold jewellery.

Police said that the suspects were inside the house in question for nearly two-and-a-half hours before one of the residents of the home had managed to escape and alert their neighbors.

Several individuals who had arrived to purchase illicit liquor had then attempted to capture the two suspects, however one of them had managed to flee on a motorcycle.

The other suspect was caught and assaulted by the angry mob while he had succumbed to injuries after being hospitalized in critical condition.

Police said that the deceased is suspected to a known criminal by the name of ‘Chathu’ who is an associate of the underworld figure ‘Uru Juwa’. He had reportedly been released last month from remand custody after being arrested in connection with a murder.

It is also reported that the house he had attempted to rob is the residence of the lover of another underworld figure, Muniwarage Asitha Premathilake alias ‘Solta’.

Investigations into the incident are being carried out by the Mulleriyawa Police OIC under the supervision of the Senior DIG in charge of the Western Province Deshabandu Tennakoon.