Cardinal slams government for its neglect of duties in the Easter Attacks

Archbishop Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith today (02) stated that it has been discovered that the government has not paid sufficient attention to bring the perpetrators of the Easter Attacks to justice, and that they would continue to conduct a campaign against the present government.

He stated that several proclaims and statements made by the former Attorney General Dappula De Livera were not investigated. Further, claims stating that several government members had also been involved in the Attacks had also not been sufficiently investigated.

“Furthermore, information was received that Jameel, the perpetrator who set off the last bomb, had visited an Army official by the name of Sonic, however, this matter was not even raised by the Commission,” the Archbishop said.

He also brought to attention that the whereabouts of Sarah Jasmine, who was reported to have had a hand in the Attacks, was also not found or questioned.

Meanwhile, the Cardinal also stated that he does not agree with the current decisions that the present government has taken.

“The development of the country does not mean that we should sell all our property and valuables to other countries. There are other ways to develop a country. We do not agree with the decisions that the government has taken,” he said.

He requested all citizens irrespective of religion to condemn the government’s decisions that are detrimental to the country.