U-turns to dead ends

In a stunning reversal of a decision that was taken with the stated aim of combatting a “rice mill mafia”, the Cabinet of Ministers decided to revoke the gazette notification issued earlier this month Read More »

Shielding our whistle-blowers

At a moment when the country is trying its hardest to deal with the scarcity of several essential food items and fight arbitrary price increases by businessmen, a large-scale irregularity at the state Read More »

A matter of appeasement

To put it mildly, the metamorphosis from the sublime to the ridiculous in the all-important matter of governance in the past couple of years has been nothing short of spectacular. It has now come to a Read More »

A nation like no other

The further tightening of import restrictions last week, covering 623 item categories, seems like a precursor to an impending economic crisis notwithstanding the stoic denials of such an eventuality b Read More »
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