CEB Engineers’ Union to escalate TU action if demands not met

The Engineers’ Union of the Ceylon Electricity Board has issued a warning to the General Manager of the Ceylon Electricity Board  (CEB) by way of a letter which details that if their demands are not met, they will be forced to escalate their ongoing Trade Union action.

The Union notes to their dismay that no positive response from the higher management in view of settling their demands has been seen so far.

Accordingly, their demands are as follows:

  1. Not to proceed with improper & illegal New Fortress Energy LNG deal.
  2. Not to stop the ongoing transparent tender procedure by CEB for LNG deployment.
  3. To stop the attempts of unbundling CEB.
  4. To cease proposed amendments for the board Act No. 17 of 1969.
  5. To prevent politicization of the post of General Manager, CEB.
  6. To stop abrupt transfers of Senior Management.

The letter further lists out the salient action which their members will stick to during this work-to-rule campaign.

  1. Members will only work during the normal office hours, namely from 08.30hrs to 16.15hrs on working days, except those who are on shift duties. However, members will attend to emergency situations/breakdowns even after normal working hours only during the level 1 of work-to-rule campaign.
  2. All members who are currently serving, in TECs of BPC, MPC and SCAPC levels, CANC, working groups, project committees, committees of special assignments and bid opening committees of BPC, MPC and SCAPC levels will stop working on such activities and hence be treated as withdrawn.
  3. Members will strictly follow safety rules both in personnel and plant & equipment aspects during operation and maintenance work and strictly follow only the laid down and accepted procedures during such work. They will refrain from taking any risks based on engineering judgment.
  4. Meetings will be restricted only with the immediate superior and subordinates.
  5. All communications both within and outside CEB will be only through proper administrative channel and will be restricted to written communications.

In addition to the above, actions declared in the Non-Cooperation campaign against the Chairman, CEB will continue as it is.

The Union mentions that even though the above actions could lead to intermittent and prolonged recovery of power outages, maximum efforts will be taken to minimize the effects to places like hospitals and places of importance to National security. 

Further, if favorable response in meeting their demands is not seen within the reasonable shortest possible time, they will be compelled to escalate this trade union action to the Level 2, where even breakdowns/emergency situations will not be attended after the normal office hours.

“The ministry and the government should take the full responsibility on the possible difficulties faced by the general public due to this trade union action. However, CEBEU will not be liable to any failure or any inconvenience caused to the public during this trade union action of exercising our legitimate rights,” the Union warns.