Fuel supply to CEB: CEB needs to find dollars this week

  • CPC releases 10,000 MT furnace oil marked for industries to CEB 
  • CPC needs to to rise make next order for furnace oil for CEB on Wednesday 
  • CEB has to pay for order to be delivered in Feb. in dollars: Minister 

By Our Political Editor

The Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) has to make the payment for its next furnace oil shipment order to be placed on Wednesday (12) in US Dollars, The Sunday Morning learns. 

The order, if placed on Wednesday, will ensure that the CEB receives its next furnace oil shipment by 3 February, it is learnt.

Energy Minister Udaya Gammanpila confirmed that the CEB would have to make a US Dollar payment for the next order, scheduled to be made this Wednesday. 

The CEB and Ceylon Petroleum Corporation (CPC) had reached an agreement on 29 November 2021, following a request made by the CPC due to its current dollar crisis, to pay for its orders in US Dollars. 

The CEB last week faced a power crisis due to the lack of fuel supplies to the power plants, resulting in a scattered island-wide power cut last Friday (7) night. However, the CPC on Friday night released a stock of 10,000 MT of furnace oil to the CEB to resolve the power crisis. Minister Gammanpila noted that the CPC had released the stock from that earmarked for the industries sector. 

The CEB yesterday (8) announced that the Barge Power Plant in Colombo had resumed power generation after receiving fuel and that the Kelanitissa Power Plant would also be reconnected to the national grid.