CEP and Gampaha floods: RDA to keep to initial plan

  • Few changes to enhance water flow capacity   

  • Authorities identify multiple reasons for floods 

  • Floods not sole factor: RDA DG 

  • Flood prevention measures underway 

By Maheesha Mudugamuwa


Despite claims made by residents in the Gampaha District that the recent floods in the area were due to Central Expressway Project (CEP)-related constructions, the Road Development Authority (RDA) said that the initial plan would, for the most part, remain unchanged with only a few adjustments being made to enhance the waterflow capacities, The Sunday Morning learnt. 

RDA Director General L.V.S. Weerakoon said that several discussions have already been held with the relevant authorities including the Railways Department, and that measures would be taken to minimise the flood risk in the future. 

“There were several reasons for the floods experienced by the residents in the Gampaha District. We have identified that the reasons and the floods were not solely because of the expressway,” he added.  

According to him, the officials have identified a blockage in the beachfront which had created a backflow of rainwater, that had in turn caused the flood in the area.  

However, an assessment would be conducted through the application of a flood model in order to ascertain whether there was any necessity to broaden the bridges that have been constructed and to take several other related measures.

When queried about the total amount allocated for the alterations, he said that the RDA would provide the machinery for the relevant upgrades and that therefore, there was no such funding expenditure estimated as of yet.